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Mar 18, 2013

Find Jobs for 15 Year Olds – Think Out Of the Box

It is not easy to find jobs for 15-year-olds. That is why as a teen you need to look for jobs in another way, compared to adults or older teenagers.

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When you are young there are several restrictions that have been placed by the employment laws. There are a lot of places where you are not allowed to work. This will make it more difficult for you to find a job, because your older peers can easily gain experience, earn money and get the needed references while you are still looking for a job.

Job Requirements for 15 Year Olds

Although there are some exceptions, you have to be 16 years old to officially be allowed to have a job according to the child labor laws. There are also some hour limitations for the jobs that you can work. A 15-year-old is allowed to work a maximum amount of hours and only at certain times of the day. Other restrictions for teens are the job type restrictions. Minors are not allowed to work in positions that are considered hazardous. There are also laws that forbid business owners to hire teenagers just so they can pay lower wages.

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Thinking Out Of the Box

The solution for you as a 15-year-old is to look in places where you can use your talent and make money, but where it is also easier for you to get a job. Sometimes you have to be business minded to achieve your goal of finding a job.

Offer Household Services To Homeowners

At this age there are many household chores that you can do. You have to think about things that people don’t want to do themselves, like cleaning up the garage, attic, or basement. You can offer your customers only cleaning services or you can combine the cleaning chores with organizing their stuff for them.

Another service that you can offer is painting. Interior painting is a job that you can do all year regardless of the weather. Exterior painting can be done when it is not cold outside. When looking for this kind of job you can try to find homeowners who are remodeling their home or who have just moved in.

There are also several chores that you can offer to do outside of the house. During the summer you can approach neighbors to pull weeds and mow their lawns for them. In the autumn you can rake leaves and in the winter it is time to make money shoveling driveways.

Offer Your Services to Small Business Owners

Take a look at your skills and abilities to see if you can offer some kind of service to small business owners in your neighborhood. If the business owner is someone you or your parents know your chances are greater to get the job. If you know a lot about computers and web designing that is a great skill to market to small businesses. You can also offer to run errands for business owners.

Make Money Tutoring

If you are a teen with good grades at school you can also choose to tutor other students for money. Assisting your peers with school subjects is also a good way to become even better at these subjects. Younger children may also need the help of a tutor. If you are computer savvy you can even tutor adults who are in need of some one-on-one tutoring on how to use their computer, laptop or tablet in a more efficient way.

Do Traditional Teen Jobs

Many jobs that are traditionally considered jobs for teenagers are still available for teens nowadays. If you want to choose one of these historical ways for young people to earn cash you can look into things like washing cars and babysitting. As a 15-year-old you can also offer your neighbors to groom, bath and walk their pets. When someone goes on vacation you can ask them to let you care for their animals.

Make Money Working At Home on Your Computer

One very exciting option that more and more teens are choosing is the opportunity to make money at home using the internet. Here is a site where you can sign up and start working instantly. This site pays you to do cash offers and surveys. In addition to that you also get paid to search and to watch videos. Teens are encouraged to sign up and kids as young as 13 are earning hundreds of dollars each month.

Of course you want to know how this works and why they would want to pay you.

Lots of companies are looking for people who want to try their websites, products and services. Of course they are willing to pay for this. So you get paid for joining free websites, filling out surveys and try the newest offers. The advertisers pay the site for the participation of its members and a percentage of that money goes to the members. This is how the site stays in business.

If you are looking for a simple way to earn cash this might be a good option. There is absolutely no risk. It is easy to participate and it won’t cost you a dime. Just sign up and try it out. You will receive your first dollar just for signing up.

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